Dent & Scratch Repair

Dent Repair and Scratch Removal

When you bring your vehicle in to have dents or scratches removed, we do a thorough examination to identify and record each blemish on the exterior. Each blemish is marked for our records in order to provide you and your insurance company the most comprehensive information to base your repair decision on.  

Dents and scratches on the passenger side front and rear door marked with pink circles

What Types of Blemishes Do We Repair and How Do Those Blemishes Occur?

Answer: We will attempt to repair any dent, scratch, scuff or scrape that is on the body of your car or truck. Body damage occurs in many different ways, too numerous to account for them all, but we've heard and seen everything from squirrels running over the hood of a car to stories of Raven's game tailgates gone wrong. The following is our list of the most common blemishes we've seen and the ways they seem to most commonly occur...

Typical Blemish Types

Paint Scratches
Door Dings
Round Dents
Roof Dents
Body Dings
Body Punctures
Sharp Dents
Bumper Scrapes
Body Holes
Creased Dents

The Usual Suspects

Car Doors Opening in Parking Lots
Recreational Sports
Gravel and Roadside Debris
Shopping Carts
Dirty Cleaning Rags
Falling Tree Debris

Okay, So You Have a Blemish from One of the Usual Suspects, Now What?

Well, to start you should bring your car in to the shop. We'll start with an examination of the dent and/or scratch to determine the type and severity. We then decide on the best course of action.

For minor, low involvement dents we first attempt Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). PDR is the process of removing dents and dings without removing paint from the vehicle. This can be accomplished using different soft "massage" like methods that work the dent out from either the back of the panel or from the front with non abrasive, no-impact tools. 

If the dent is too involved to be repaired using PDR, then we'll move forward with a more aggressive plan of action.

Dent Repair Benefits

  • Enhanced appeal
  • Better trade in value
  • Quality - Lifetime guarantee on repair work
  • To determine if there is any damage to the clear coat and paint
  • No pooling water on your vehicle, which can lead to rust and corrosion
  • The panel will be repaired to it's original strength